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Unlock Alcatel Bootloader DevicesUnlock Alcatel Bootloader

Unlocking bootloader is the primary step to customize your device. If you are looking to root your device, unlocking bootloader is the first step you need to do before proceeding with the rooting process. Some older devices may not need the process of unlocking the bootloader but most of the new devices will require this step.

Note that unlocoking bootloader will void warranty. It will also wipe the user data. Make sure you have a backup of your device before starting the procedure. We are not responsible for any damages incurred. Proceed at your own risk.

Before Unlocking:

  • Backup your device to PC.
  • Enable USB debugging from developer options. If you don’t see developer options navigate to settings – about phone – build number. Tap on build number for about 7 times to unlock developer options which can be seen in settings menu.
  • Make sure you have USB drivers of your device.
  • Download and install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your PC.

After you have all the required files and installed on your PC follow the steps below which primarily consists of executing commands.

InstructionsUnlock Bootloader of Alcatel


  • Connect your device to PC via USB and open the command prompt where you have installed ADB and Fastboot (Right click in the empty space and select open command here).
  • To make sure that your PC has recognized your device, type the command “adb devices” This will show the list of devices connected to PC. If you can’t see your device listed, you may need to reinstall your device USB drivers.
  • If you have properly installed your device drivers and your PC has recognized it, type the command “adb reboot bootloader”. This will reboot your device into bootloader mode.
  • After rebooting into bootloader mode, type the command “fastboot -i 0x1bbb devices” This command will recognize the device connected in bootloader mode.
  • Then type the command “fastboot -i 0x1bbb oem device-info” This will show the status of your bootloader and generally it will be shown as LOCKED or DEVICE UNLOCKED: FALSE”
  • Then type the command “fastboot -i 0x1bbb oem unlock” This is the major step to unlock bootloader and executing this command will unlock it.
  • To check if your device’s bootloader is unlocked or not type in the command “fastboot -i 0x1bbb oem device-info”. If you see a message “device unlocked: true” then you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your device.
  • Type the command “fastboot -i 0x1bbb reboot” to reboot your device normally.

After successfully unlocking the bootloader, you can root your device and install custom ROM’s.


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