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Towelroot Marshmallow

After years and years of waiting, finally, the Android users got a rooting app that can root Android devices wirelessly. Yes! By wireless rooting, I meant, you don’t have to connect your device to a PC to root it. The app is Towelroot and it’s been trending on the web with thousands of downloads every day.

The Towelroot is not officially available in the Android app store, the Google Play, but you can download it from their official website as an APK. Because Towelroot utilized the loops in Linux Kernel and roots the device, Google doesn’t support it as you might also see a note saying “Rooting with Towelroot may compromise the integrity of your phone” while rooting with Towelroot.

Towleroot APK Marshmallow Download

Towelroot APK Marshmallow Download

It is easy, simple and one of the best rooting apps available on the web today. Isn’t that sufficient to already go for the app if you are planning to root.

But before that let us put in a few words about the Towelroot and what OS versions does it support and what devices can be rooted with it.

OS Versions Supported by Towelroot

Since a majority of Android users are on Android KitKat and Android Lollipop, followed by Android Marshmallow, the default settings of Towelroot are configured to support devices on KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. So, if you are ever to download the app, you should just check for the OS version the device is running on. Anything below KitKat and above Marshmallow might complicate the procedure.

Towelroot APK for Marshmallow

Since this article is specifically discussed on Marshmallow, here are few interesting facts about Marshmallow and how you can download the Towelroot APK to Android 6.0 and how to root Android Marshmallow devices.

Marshmallow is the current running version of Android OS. It is considered to be the best yet but not all Android devices are compatible. To the present day, 40% of Android users are on KitKat and approximately 30% users are on Lollipop and less than 10% are on Marshmallow. It is because of the OS version mainly supporting the high-end devices and not all can afford Galaxy S5, S6 and all.

How to download Towelroot for Marshmallow

It is all the same. If you are planning to download a specific version of Towelroot, then you have to go through the web and find a decent one and if you are looking to download just the Towelroot APK latest version, then you have us or the official website.

Click on the Lambda to download Towelroot V3 APK

Towelroot for Marshmallow

How to root Android Marshmallow devices with Towelroot

Since the default settings are configured to match the needs of specific devices and the OS versions KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow, you need not worry about doing something else other downloading and installing the APK.

  • Download the APK
  • Run the APK
  • Install the APK with granted permissions
  • Open the APP
  • Click on “Make it Ra1n”.
  • That’s it, your device is successfully rooted!

Device is not supported by Towelroot, then follow the below procedure.

  • Download the APK
  • Run the APK
  • Install the APK.
  • Open the APP
  • Click on the “Welcome to Towelroot” (welcome screen) for three times continuously.
  • You will get a console where you can enter mod strings which can configure the app to match the device requirements.
  • Put in there mod strings.
  • Click on “Make it Ra1n”.
  • And that’s it! Your device should be successfully rooted!

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