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Root Samsung Smartphone

Samsung is the largest mobile manufacturer in terms of Android devices and second largest in terms of overall sales and numbers. Samsung who initially struggled with other giants like Nokia to enter into the market, successfully achieved what they expected for. More than 45% of android devices worldwide are Samsung devices. With an immense success Samsung focused heavily on security of their devices as well.

Some variants of Samsung are totally encrypted and cannot be rooted at all. Most of the US versions come with locked up firmware which are little bit difficult to root. The Knox security system which uses e-Fuse recognizes non Samsung bootable system and may block the device. Nonetheless the unlocked or rootable devices are our piece of cake. By rooting you can dig deep into system and modify it according to your choice. And Samsung is the only Korean mobile firm that has pre installed bloatware, more or less. You can remove them by rooting.

Before you root samsung :

  • Backup your device.
  • Enable unknown sources on your device security settings.
  • Enable USB debugging in your developer options.


Rooting without the use of PC in a single click is the easiest method and has less risks. You can root your device in a single click. Download any suitable app that can root your device, install it and get root in a single click. These apps will not pose any serious threats to the device operating system. Download any rooting app such as KingRoot, Kingoroot, iRoot, Framaroot etc and you can root your device in a single click.

Though these apps support many devices they have certain limits such as the device model, the rooting app version and android firmware version. Please check the app’s website and support before you proceeding with rooting.


This method of rooting is for advanced users and it has high success rate. It also involves high risks. The only tool you need to root your Samsung device with PC is Odin. With the help of this tool you can flash rooting app or recovery images or even custom ROM’s. All you need is the appropriate file that is suitable for your device and flash it via Odin. Mac users must install Heimdall which is an Odin like tool for your MacBook.

root samsung

Few latest devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge still are struggling to get a stable rooting process. Some developers were successful in rooting them by flashing a modified ROM. This has been successfully proved on AT & T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. But they also stated that you would lose Samsung Pay and Google Pay if you follow the procedure. The good news is that this process is completely reversible meaning which you can revert back stock firmware and get back all services.

The rooting process for the newest devices is still under development especially the S series of mobiles. Stay tuned for further updates.

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