How to Root Meizu Android Phone – Tutorial

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Root Meizu Smartphones

Meizu is Chinese firm and is world’s 11th largest phone manufacturing company. It was initially a music player manufacturing company and later they focused on smartphones. Recent Meizu smartphones have Samsung Exynos processor and the rooting process of these devices is still under development. Like most Chinese mobiles, Meizu also has pre installed bloatware which cannot be installed by default. You can remove these apps by rooting only.

Rooting will void warranty of your device. It may also cause permanent damages if misused. We are not responsible for any type of damages incurred. Proceed at your own risk.

Before rooting:

  • Backup your device.
  • Enable Unknown sources in device security settings.
  • Enable USB debugging in developer options on your device.
  • You must have unlocked bootloader.


Rooting without PC is also called as one click root method. In this method you need to install a rooting app that is compatible with your device and you can root your device. This method has minimal to zero risks and you can try with different apps. Some rooting apps are:

Install any one of the above app and get the rooting process done in a single click. The success of this process will depend on wide variety of factors. Check the developer’s website whether your device is supported or not. It also depends on the version of the app you are using and android firmware version.

Alternatively few Meizu devices can be rooted with FlyME account. Open settings in your device and go to accounts. Open FlyMe and register. Once registered open system privileges, accept the warning and enter FlyMe id and password. Your phone will reboot and your device will be rooted. Note that you wont see any Superuser app with this method and you have to install it manually. Some devices may not have the option of adding FlyMe account and the update is still under development.


This method id for advanced users and it has high success rate. It also involves higher risks and you get your device into a permanent brick if misused. Proceed with caution.

Note that this method requires unlocked bootloader. If you proceed without unlocking you may brick your device or get stuck in boot loop.

  • Download and install ADB and Fastboot drivers for PC.
  • Download file and copy to the root directory of phone memory.
  • Download compatible TWRP image and save to the folder where you have installed ADB and Fastboot drivers.

Once you have all the required files open the command prompt where you have installed ADB (right click in empty space and select run command here from options). Reboot your device into fastboot mode by pressing power button and volume down button. Once rebooted into recovery connect it to PC via USB and enter the command ‘fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img’. This will flash recovery on your device. Make sure that the name of the recovery is typed exactly as what your recovery image’s name is in command prompt. I gave example of TWRP.img but it can be a different name and type it as it is. After flashing recovery reboot your device into recovery by entering the command ‘fastboot reboot recovery’. In recovery menu select install and install the file which you have copied before. Slide the bar to confirm and after installing wipe the dalvik cache. Reboot your phone into normal mode and your phone is successfully rooted.

Note that this process requires compatible TWRP and files. Check before starting the process.

There are few global (G) and native (A) variants of some particular models of Meizu devices. The G variants are little difficult to root. To root these devices, you need to change the stock firmware from G to A. This process involves high risks and refrain yourself if you want to avoid risks.


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