Root HTC phone Android – How to root Tutorial , Guide & Troubleshooting

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How to Root HTC smartphone android.

Root HTC, HTC is a very popular brand with many decent phones in market. With HTC One, they made their trademark impact on the mobile world. It not only made HTC popular but it also set some benchmarks in terms of a phone’s design and hardware features. Though HTC manufactures Windows smartphones, the android phones have been their strength. The first Nexus device from Google is manufactured by HTC.

To root your HTC device, you may need to unlock the bootloader first. Please follow our unlocking bootloader section to know more. After you have successfully unlocked the bootloader, you can follow the rooting procedure.

Do a full backup of your device before proceeding with rooting process. Rooting will void warranty of your device and may brick your device if misused. Proceed at your own risk.


For those who are unfamiliar with technical terms of rooting procedure used on a PC, there are certain apps which will root your device in a single click and without a requirement of a PC. You need to install the app on your device and you can root it in a single click. Such rooting apps include:

These are some popular apps that can root your device with a single click.


This method is very simple and can root your device without much risks. No need of any technical knowledge and no requirement of a PC.


This method may not be compatible with all devices and even if your device is compatible there can be failure. It’s all about trial and error with one click rooting apps.


Rooting your HTC device with specific commands on a PC is an advanced method and is for advanced users only. You may need some technical knowledge to root your device. This process also has high risks than one click rooting methods. If you flash/install wrong file, it will brick your device or you may get stuck in boot loop.

Before rooting your HTC device via PC you require some drivers and tools as listed below:

  • USB drivers for your specific device.
  • ADB drivers
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • USB Debugging enabled
  • Fastboot drivers and files.

Once you get all these files you need to reboot your device into download mode with adb command ‘adb reboot download’ and flash a recovery with the command ‘fastboot flash recovery C:\Users\recovery.img’ (The location can be anywhere on your PC, but make sure you type in the correct location or you can drag and drop the file in the windows command.)

Install TWRP recovery to avoid issues. This recovery is most popular and supports large number of HTC devices.

root htc twrp recovery

Once you have installed TWRP, you need to boot into recovery mode and side load the superuser zip file found in advanced options in TWRP. Swipe to start side load on your device and type in the command ‘adb sideload C:\Users\’.

root htc sideloadAfter superuser is flashed, select reboot system on the device and you can see SuperSu on your device.

Note that this method is advanced process and if you proceed with caution, the success rate is 100%. This process does not involve any specific toolkits or softwares to do the rooting process. Also this process works for almost all HTC devices. You need to get the specific files that are compatible with your device.

The above method is tested and working successfully on HTC 10. You can do the same procedure for other models as well. Please proceed with caution or avoid it if you don’t have any knowledge regarding this process.

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