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How to root your android device with a Single click using Root Genius

Root Genius is a one click root app for your android device with which you can root your device without using PC. The rooting process is pretty simple and you just need to be careful with the Chinese language while using the app. As the developers of this app are a Chinese team, there is no or little English available throughout the usage of the app.

NOTE: Root Genius officially supports up to android version 5.0.2. Some users have successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy Edge running on Android 6 but there is no reliability on the information source. So, I suggest you to refrain from using it on versions higher than 5.0.2 to avoid unnecessary soft bricks.

Note that rooting will void warranty of your device and may also brick your phone. We are not responsible for any kind of damages occurred. Kindly proceed with caution.

Before rooting your device with Root Genius, please follow the following steps:

  1. Backup your device to your PC. Backup everything so that you may restore your data if device is wiped clean.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your mobile which can be found in ‘Developer options’ in your device settings. If you can’t see developer option on your device, go to settings, scroll to bottom and tap on about phone, then scroll down to bottom until you see build number. Tap about 7 times on build number and this will unlock developer options on your device.
  3. Select ‘unknown sources’ from you device security settings.
  4. Download a file explorer app from Google Play Store, preferably ES file explorer.

After finishing the above steps, download Root genius from HERE

  • Open the app and it will show ‘Root’ in English followed by Chinese words.

root genius


  • Check box the icon below the above word and click on Green icon which is also in Chinese.
  • It will begin the rooting process and it may take time. Make sure you are connected to stable internet connection.

Root Genius process Android

  • Once the process is done the app may exit itself or may give a pop up with a Chinese message. Do not click on anything, exit the app and close it from multitasking.
  • Now you can see KingRoot app installed on your device. Yes it is right, you see KingRoot not a Superuser app or SuperSU app. You can delete the Root Genius app.


  • The Root Genius apk has little or poor support from developers. They do support the PC version of this software. So proceed with caution.
  • Root Genius apk is not updated since two years and the support for android versions above 5.0.2 is uncertain.
  • Root genius uses the same exploits as KingRoot and it finally installs KingRoot on your device. So you can use KingRoot directly instead of Root Genius.
  • The advantage of Root genius over King Root is that it supports vast number of older devices which aren’t supported by KingRoot or any other latest rooting apps.



Error #1 Root failed

which you can see in Chinese language within orange or Red box. This can happen if your device has android firmware version above 5.0.2 or if you have not followed the pre rooting steps.

Fix: Check if your android version is 5.0.2 or below and also make sure you have enabled all options before beginning the rooting process.

Error #2 Rooting process stuck at a certain percentage and does not progress further.

Fix: Make sure you have stable internet connection. Switch to 3G or LTE connection or connect to good Wi-Fi spot.

Error #3 Not enough storage on your phone

Fix: This isn’t an error actually, it means that your device is not compatible to root with Root Genius. Try rooting with different app.



As per the developers the apk version of Root Genius supports devices with firmware version up to 5.0.2 but there is no official release of specific supported devices. You can try if you want to take calculated risks and try rooting your device irrespective of the manufacturer if you are under android version 5.0.2.


If you don’t want to take any risks and still want to root your device you can go for other options such as KingRoot or Kingo Root or Framaroot. Note that even Framaroot has ended its support but still is a good option to root your older devices.


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