Download Facetune 2 APK for Android, PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Facetune 2, the amazing successor for the award winning face tuning app the Facetune is now live. With Facetune 2, you can now edit your selfies directly and instantly. Clear all your marks, whiten your teeth, professional retouch features, smooth out skin, and thin faces.

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Facetune 2 Apk

The super cool photo editing app for Android and iOS is released recently and it’s been the talk of the town ever since. The Facetune 2 is not just an app with a ton load of features but its fun and pretty much everyone can use. With Facetune 2, you can perfect eyes and smiles, create flawless skin, use professional tools to add additional effects to your photos, and create magical backgrounds using the Artistic features.

Download Facetune 2: Android | iOS

Facetune 2 Features

  1. Whiten your teeth
  2. Widen your eyes and your smile
  3. Change eye color
  4. Add eye details & reflections for sparkling eyes
  1. Swipe over blemishes or wrinkles to remove instantly
  2. Smooth out skin for a flawless, porcelain look
  3. Minimize pores and get rid of blackheads
  4. Cool down skin that’s too red
  5. Blot away shine on oily skin
  6. Rejuvenate dull, pale skin with a vibrant glow
  1. Easily enlarge or minimize featuresChange the light source for perfect lighting
  2. Change the light source for perfect lightingHDR accents for beautiful details
  3. HDR accents for beautiful detailsRemove shadows or glare caused by harsh lighting
  4. Remove shadows or glare caused by harsh lightingUltimate control of temperature, saturation and more
  5. Ultimate control of temperature, saturation, and moreEZ Compare tool at every step to compare before & after
  6. EZ Compare tool at every step to compare before & after
  1. Magically replace backgrounds
  2. Get artistic with a unique prism effect
  3. Fun, creative and colorful light effects
  4. Smart, beautiful filters
  1. Tweak features, smooth skin, whiten teeth *while* you shoot, not after
  2. Live filters add makeup and beautify your look while you watch

Facetune 2 APK

Facetune 2 for Android is available to download on Google play and as an APK. You can download the Facetune 2 APK and install on your supported Android device and also on PC with the help of Emulators. The latest Facetune 2 APK version 1.0.2.

FaceTune 2 APK Download

Download the Facetune APK 1.0.2 from the below-given link and install it on your Android device. To install the APK, transfer it to your Android device and run the APK with allowed permissions. that’s it! You are good to go!


facetune 2 apk

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