How to Root Sony Devices – Android Tutorial

Root Sony Devices

Sony is widely popular in consumer electronics. This firm does not need special introduction. Sony entered the mobile market with collaboration of Ericsson as Sony Ericsson. The initial devices where released with same branding. After Sony acquired the shares of Ericsson the mobile phones are now simply called Sony devices. Sony was the first mobile device to set the benchmark in water and dust proof resistant phones. Many other companies followed Sony and they released their own water and dust proof devices (IP68 Certified).

Sony devices have wide variety of features with which you can use your device not only as smartphones but also for other operations such as TV mirroring (watch videos of your device in TV wirelessly) and Bravia Engine. Sony also comes with plenty of unwanted bloatware pre installed which you cannot uninstall. Most of the Sony devices also have battery issues. They drain off too quickly. To uninstall the bloatware and to increase the battery performance you may need to root your device.root Sony


Most Sony Devices come with TA partition and DRM keys. To root your device you must have unlocked bootloader. Unlocking the bootloader will permanently delete the TA partition and DRM keys. This may result in failure in getting OTA updates, use of few unique inbuilt apps such as Bravia Engine, TV mirroring etc. If you are willing to root yet, you can proceed with bootloader unlocking and rooting process. But if you want to revert back to original features it will not be possible unless you have backed up the TA partition and DRM keys.

You can back them with the simplest guide given HERE. Once you have backed up, you can proceed with unlocking the bootloader. Note that unlocking the bootloader will wipe the user data. Backup your device before proceeding.

Note that rooting your device will remove warranty of your device. It may cause permanent brick or get stuck in boot loop. We are not responsible for any damages. Proceed at your own risk.

Before Rooting:

  • Backup your device.
  • Enable USB debugging in developer options.
  • Enable unknown sources in device security settings.

ROOT SONY WITHOUT PC:Root Sony without pc

Rooting your device without PC is easiest way of rooting. This method involves installing a rooting app and running it to get the root. This is the simplest way and has very less risks. You can download any rooting app such as:

Install anyone of the app on your device and run the app, follow the on screen instructions and your device will be rooted. These apps also support many devices.

The success with these apps depends on the app version, your device model and android firmware version. Check for the developer’s website before starting with the rooting process with any of the above mentioned app.


This method of rooting is for advanced users who have more technical skill or knowledge. This method involves high amount of risks but has high success rate if executed properly. Proceed with extreme caution.

Once you have extracted the Root Tool archive, connect your device to PC and run the batch file named as install.bat follow the on screen instructions (generally it will be ‘press any key to continue’) and you are done. Your device is successfully rooted. This process will not install any superuser app and you need to do it manually from play store.

This process supports most of the Xperia devices. But do a little research before proceeding. Sony Xperia Z3/4 and later devices are not supported with this tool. The rooting process for these models is still under development.


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