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Root Gionee phones Android – How to Tutorial , Guide & Troubleshooting

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How to root Gionee smartphone

Root Gionee Tutorial,  Gionee is one of the largest mobile manufacturing company in China. It is well known for its budget android smartphones which have premium features. The Gionee was once defamed by a German firm stating that Gionee sells its devices with pre installed malware. Nonetheless all Gionee devices come with plenty of bloatware preinstalled which cannot be uninstalled by default. Rooting your device will help in removing these unnecessary applications and frees up plenty of memory.

Rooting Gionee will void warranty of your device. It will brick your device or you may get stuck in boot loop if misused. We are not responsible for any damages incurred. Proceed at your own risk.

Before rooting gionee device:


Rooting without PC is a simple process which does not require any technical knowledge. It also involves minimum to no risks. You can root your device with a single click. The success rate depends on the version of the app, device compatibility and android firmware version. There are many apps which will root your device in single click. Some popular apps include:

These apps will root your device at ease but note that some apps are either discontinued or there is not developer support. Also the apps are compatible with certain versions of android firmware only. So the success rate is a trial and error process. Even though your device is compatible with all the necessary requirements you may get a failure message.


 Rooting your device with a PC is more accurate and highly successful process. This process also involves high risks if misused. You should have basic knowledge of technical terms and certain steps used in this process. Proceed with caution.




After downloading and installing all the required files, connect your device to PC.

Note: This method is for advanced users and you may damage your device if misused. Please refrain yourself if you are not familiar with the process.

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