KingRoot App – Download Apk – Tutorial & Tips

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KingRoot App – Download Apk – Tutorial & Tips

Android Rooting is the process which allows you to get access to the root files or folders of your android operating system which is blocked by default. By rooting your device you can access and modify the files, folders and contents along with installing third party apps which are blocked by the default operating system. You can install Custom ROM’s on your device that will give you a smoother and more efficient way to manage your device. You can also remove bloatware apps that comes pre-installed in your device.

The process of rooting may include few technical skills along with basic knowledge of your OS. There are many processes and tutorials for rooting your device, which include several steps and can be tedious for some users. These steps may include to boot your device into recovery mode and further proceed with the rooting process by flashing zip files. For those who are unfamiliar with these options there are several apps that will ease your burden and you can root your device with a single click.

KingRoot is one such app which will root your device and it supports many devices. KingRoot is available for both PC and for your android phone. In this article, I will cover the process of rooting your device with KingRoot Apk on your mobile device without using PC. The PC version supports only Chinese language and hence for better understanding we will follow the mobile version. The process in both methods is more or less same.


  1. Rooting your device will void warranty of your device. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.
  2. This process may brick or damage your device. We are not responsible for any such kind of damages incurred.

How to Root Your device with Single click using Kingo Root app

Steps before Proceeding with KingRoot:

  1. Backup your device. Backup all your data, contacts, images, videos, music and any other documents in your device to your PC.
  2. Enable ‘allow installation from unknown sources’ in your device’s security settings.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your Android device. Enabling this option is not useful in this process but do this to avoid unnecessary errors.

Steps for Enabling USB Debugging:

Android version 4 and above versions: Go to Settings, scroll to bottom and click on ‘About Phone’, scroll further to bottom and look for ‘build number’. Tap on build number for seven times and this will unlock developer options. Now go back to settings, developer options and check mark ‘USB debugging’.

  1. Download any File manager app for your android device available in Google Play Store. Preferably download ES File Explorer which is the most popular file explorer app.
    Download ES file Explorer from here

Steps for Rooting the Device:

kingroot apkkingroot progresskingroot successful

  1. Download KingRoot app from here. The latest version of KingRoot is 5.2.00
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open the downloaded apk file with the help of the file explorer you have downloaded before. Tap on the apk file and allow the installation.
  3. After installing the app, open the app and it will show the option ‘Start Root’, tap on it and allow the rooting process to continue. The rooting process will begin if your device is compatible. Most of the devices are compatible with KingRoot.
  4. It will take time to root your device depending on the device’s configuration. Older devices will take longer time.
  5. Once the rooting process is done you will get a message as ‘Root Successfully’. That’s it. You have rooted your device.
  6. To verify the root access, download Root Checker from Play store and run the app. It will show about root access on your device.

root checker root checker verify

The KingRoot app itself acts as a SuperUser which will allow other apps for Super User access. It also has various tweaks and options which will come very handy.


No Strategy Found

kingroot no strategy found

‘No Strategy Found’ – You get this error while trying to root with if you have updated your system recently.

Fix: To fix this error, downgrade your firmware to the previous version, download the latest version of KingRoot, connect your device to internet and start the rooting process again.

kingroot root not availableUnable to Root

‘Unable to Root’ – This can happen in older versions of your Android firmware which conflicts with the super user access. This error may even occur if your internet connection is slower.

Fix: Make sure you have enabled USB debugging in your device, reboot your phone once and repeat the process. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi with good internet speed or switch to 3G or LTE. This will fix the issue.

Unable to Root

‘Unable to Root’ – Even though you have followed the fix in the above step, this error may occur between 65-70% of the process. This generally happens because KingRoot will try to download Purify app and it may fail to do so.

Fix: Download Purify app manually and install it. After installing the Purify app, repeat the rooting process. It will not show any errors at this time.
Download Purify app from HERE.


Supported Devices:

Most of the devices are supported by this app. Note that the app is constantly updated and new version is released regularly which support more devices. It also supports the latest version of Android Nougat.

If your device isn’t compatible with the latest app or if you are unable to root your device with this app, wait for the latest updated release or you may downgrade your firmware to an older version if you want to root your device. We suggest to stay on latest firmware and wait for the app to be updated so that you can root your latest firmware whilst having all new features of the newest version of android.

So far KingRoot app will support most of the Samsung, HTC, Google nexus models, Sony Xperia Models, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei and LG devices.
The list of supported apps gets updated every day and the list grows on.


supersume pro

KingRoot App itself acts as SuperSU or SuperUser app. But in some devices it may cause lag. So if you want to replace KingRoot with SuperSU, download Super Sume Pro app from Play Store. Note that it is a paid app.

Once you have downloaded this app, open the app and click on big blue button to begin the process. The process will install SuperSU and remove KingRoot without damaging the root. So you will have root access but not KingRoot app. It is very easy process and it will be completed in less than one minute if you have good internet connection.


Error #1

SuperSU is installed on your device but can’t find SuperSU app.

FIX: This can happen when your device is low on memory. Clear some memory and repeat the rooting process with KingRoot and execute Super Sume Pro after successfully rooting the device.

Error #2

Super user binary update prompt. This message prompt not disappearing even after clicking on ‘update’.

Fix: Uninstall SuperSU and Reboot the device. Repeat the rooting process again and run Super Sume pro. If you still get the same problem it means that there is no stable version of SuperSU for your device. You need to repeat the rooting process again and stick with KingRoot app itself.

Hope this article has helped you regarding rooting your device with KingRoot app. Share your thoughts in comments below.

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