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Android One tool for PC – Download & Rooting Tutorial

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Root and Unlock Bootloader with a single click using Android One tool for PC.

Android one Toolkit is a great software for your PC and it has options to root your device as well as unlock your bootloader without any hustle. You can do all these steps in a single click just by following simple instructions.

Note that rooting your device will break the warranty of your phone. It may also brick your device if misused. Proceed with caution. We are not responsible for any kind of damages incurred.

NOTE: This tool is compatible with android firmware version 5.1 or below only.


Download Android One Toolkit from HERE. After downloading, install it and download the patch file from HERE, it will update the toolkit to latest version.


NOTE 1: This software will unlock bootloader on few supported devices only.

Check for compatible device list at the end of the post. Do not proceed without knowing your device’s compatibility. It may brick your device.

NOTE 2: Unlocking bootloader will erase or wipe entire user data. Make sure you have a backup of your device on your PC.


NOTE: If your device has unlocked bootloader or if you have unlocked it by following above steps, you can install a custom recovery before proceeding to root. So note that, to install custom ROM you need to unlock bootloader and install recovery. If you just want to root your device, you can skip this step.


Note that you won’t see any Supersu app installed on your device after rooting with this procedure. You have to manually download from Play Store and update SU binary normally. You can check whether your phone is rooted or not by installing Root checker app.


Device not showing in list of devices connected

Fix: Install appropriate adb drivers on your PC. Uninstall any old adb drivers and reinstall the latest one. is not available on your device after rebooting into recovery mode.

Fix: Try the process again or else manually copy the file to root folder of your sd card which is found in the android one toolkit installed folder on your PC. After copying, reboot into recovery mode and flash the ‘’ file.

Device stuck boot logo after unlocking bootloader.

Fix: Remove the battery of your phone and reinsert it. Hold power button along with volume + button. You will see ‘fastboot’ option on your device screen. Select it and connect it to PC. Open android one toolkit and click on unlock. On your device press volume + button to confirm unlocking. Now it will be unlocked and wait for device to reboot. It will take a little longer time.

PC freezes after executing ‘unlock’ or ‘root’ option in Android one Toolkit.

Fix: This means you have either old fastboot drivers or no drivers at all .Install or update latest adb and fastboot drivers on your PC.


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